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The Stephenson Cardiac Imaging Centre is a true multi-disciplinary teaching facility that supports Level 3 training in Cardiovascular MRI, inclusive of stress perfusion imaging and Congenital Heart Disease.  Each year we provide 1 competitive (locally funded) and 1 externally funded training position for trainees wishing to conduct a 12 month training program.  The Centre also provides level 2 training to trainees of the Cummings School of Medicine within both Cardiology and Radiology training programs. 

There are 2 dedicated Cardiac MRI facilities, one located at the Foothills Medical Centre and one at the South Health Campus.  We are currently upgrading our Foothills site magnet to the new 3T Prisma scanner (Siemens) and run a 3T Verio (wide bore) system at South Health Centre.  We are one of the only Centres in the world to have 2 dedicated 3T systems dedicated for Cardiac MRI, and will be the first to use the Prisma scanner for a sole cardiac MRI service.  Our facilities have dedicated administrative and technologist staffing fostering a strong team-based environment. 

Our training program incorporates weekly educational rounds, a case-based rounds, journal club, and a didacted education session.  We have an annual research retreat with invited guest lecturers and participate in both an Alberta Imaging Symposium and Educational Workshops at the Candian Cardiovascular Congress.  

For research support and productivity we have 3 on-site research nurses, a research collaborations coordinator, a core laboratory manager and 2 research assistants.  We also have access to statistical support through the Libin Cardiovascular Institute.

The Centre uses a comprehensive reporting and informatics architecture linked through research agreements to AHS analytics (approved under institutional research ethics board).  The latter allows the Centre to collect vital statistics, laboratory data, and hospitalization / cost information through establshed administrative databases.